Strategies for Drinking more Water

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Drinking more water offers many benefits to your health and general well-being. It’s also an inexpensive way to simply get healthier. But, it can be easy to forget to drink more water because of a busy lifestyle or because it just simply is not on your mind. Here are some ways to increase your water intake.

Bring it with you

One strategy to drink more water is to have water with you at all times. Whether you are in your car, at work, in your favorite comfortable chair, or walking around outside, keep a glass or container of water with you. When you have the water in your field of vision, you are more likely to remember to drink it. It’s easier to remember to drink or eat something when you have ready access to it.

Drink water at mealtimes

Many people choose to have a different beverage with their meals, but water should be the number candidate for your next choice of beverage when you eat. Pour a glass of water and keep a water pitcher on the table. After every other bite, have a sip of water. Not only will this help you feel fuller (which may help you lose weight), you will also drink much more water than you would if you had one big gulp at the end of the meal.

Regulate the temperature

Another way to increase your water consumption is to keep the water at a temperature that will make the water more appealing to you. For example, some people may not like to drink room temperature water. They may want their water very cold. If you like your water cold, keep it in the refrigerator or have ice cubes handy. The more the water is palatable to you, the more you will drink of it.

Keep warm

Additionally, if you are trying to drink more water in the water, keep yourself comfortably warm. Wear more layers of clothing or wrap a blanket around you. Keep a glass of cold water next to you. If you start to feel warmer than the room temperature, you may want to drink more water. This is a good strategy for winter, but summer may be easier if you live in a warm climate. The higher temperatures will hopefully make you want to drink more fluids, especially water.

If you are looking for more ways to increase your water intake, just take water with you everywhere and make sure that it’s at a good temperature for you. The more you think about water, the more of it you may drink.



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