Modelo Especial Beer Review

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A couple of weeks ago, I took advantage of a special offer from Ryanair and flew from Prestwick to Girona in Spain for a couple of days.
Mrs P stayed at home to get on with her ironing and such like, leaving myself and wee proxam jr. to trawl the various drinking establishments of that city.

I expect because Girona is the first city in Spain that anyone traveling to the costas from Northern Europe encounters, many of the bars are blessed with the good sense to sell Belgian beers – which were just asking to be sampled. So, not wishing to be rude, we did.
After a few delicious brews in a Belgian-style cafe, we headed into the older part of town for some tapas and ended up in a more authentic local bar with a far more limited choice of beers.
What an anti-whatsit. After sampling the delights of Chimay and Mort Subite, we were limited to the choice of a few beers of the Latin persuasion.

I chose Modelo Especial.

Grupo Modelo, based in Mexico City, is the largest brewer in Mexico and exports all over the world. They’re probably best known for Corona and Negra Modelo.

Modelo Especial pours a somewhat infirm, pale yellow colour with a fizzy head that lasts about as long as a Scottish heatwave. Oh dear. Subsequently, a lace effect was non-existent.
The aroma is subtle with only the faintest suggestion of grassy hops and …. well, not much else. There’s something which can only be described as a sort of chalky smell. Has this beer even seen malted grain, I wonder?

It’s thin bodied, and artifially carbonated to such an extent that any taste there may be is almost completely masked. If I try really hard ….and I mean buttocks-clenched-tight-hard, I can just about detect a very light malt base with maybe some corn thrown in for luck.
To be fair, as it finishes there are some spicy hop tones – but it’s too late to impress me much. The aftertaste is dry and lightly bitter.

At 6% ABV, this is not much of a session ale, but I suppose you could say this was an ideal desert beer…..the Sahara Desert most readily springs to mind. Maybe if I were hopelessly lost in said desert, and extremely parched, and I couldn’t find a steenkin’ waterhole, then it might just about do. But then again, maybe not.

I’m possibly being a little harsh on this beer. In actual fact, it’s no worse than a hundred other light lagers. I guess if you’re a fan of Bud or MGD, then you probably won’t find this too bad – but it’s hardly a quality beer-drinking experience.
In it’s favour, it’s inoffensive and refreshing enough if you’re stuck, and only if there’s no access to anything a little tastier ….. like water.

PS: the tapas were delicious!

Would I drink it again? – Yeah, next time I’m mistaken for a super modelo.



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